prios kompetanse


Prios Kompetanse AS (Prios) is a research-based corporation having as main tasks project management, business consulting, innovation processes, training, and software development. The center is open to all who wish to develop their talents, refresh their knowledge, improve their business, need new or better digital tools, or have ideas in need of support to be fulfilled. The main source of income is sales fees from our services.
The main sectors and activities are in brief: Our educational activities are focused on adult learners and labor market service within basic skills training, VET, entrepreneurship training, and tailored training for businesses. Our software department supports our educational activities as well as developing new digital solutions based upon requests and needs in different projects. Prios own the Follow-Up® concept. Our consulting activities mostly support our business clients within internal innovation processes, HR processes, economic advice, and management improvements.

BSC Koolitus


BCS Koolitus (Estonia) has been carrying out national ICT and digital competence enhancement programs for citizens since year 2000, the latest, ongoing program “E- Citizenship” (2018- 2022), procured by the Ministry of Commerce and Communication, aims at raising awareness on ICT literacy of 6000 inhabitants, of whom 1/2 are elderly people ( aged 55+) and 1/2 various sectors employees with poor IT competencies. Training course programs and materials are developed by BCS Koolitus and delivered via face-to-face training courses.

ECFC (Estonian Centre of Folk Culture)


ECFC (Estonian Centre of Folk Culture) has been the leading training partner on folk culture in Estonia for 30 years, offering in-service training for cultural sector leaders, cultural organizers and members of cultural ass. across Estonia. The project supports ECFC’s aims in increasing digital competencies among leaders and employees on different levels, as well as providing effective support in introducing and rooting innovative technological solutions throughout the cultural sector.

Efektas Group


Efektas Group (Lithuania) has been working in the education and training field for adults and educators since early days of its establishment and one of the most crucial topics is critical judgement on daily activities and habits people have. This project is supporting this purpose by educating our organization and stakeholders to be more aware of digital applications, online threats, and develop habits that prevent from losses.